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D-150 & D-300

Models D-150 & D-300 Digital Automatic Water Meters - CMC America, Superior Performance by Design. This new Digital Automatic water metering system affords the same accuracy control and dependability as the other CMC water meters. However, this new system gives added efficiency by allowing independent placement of the meter control panel away from the metering point.

This will allow total water quantity control where you want it for convenience and efficiency. The Digital Automatic water meter is equipped with a solid state digital counter for push button accuracy as well as automatic reset capability, and it can be equipped with a thermostatic temperature control unit for automatic temperature control.

Completely automatic and simple to operate:

 Set Number of pounds of water desired on front panel.
 Press start button
 The exact amount of water will be delivered to the mixer.
 The meter will then automatically shut off by electrically operated solenoid valve.

Exclusive thermostatic control holds water temperature accurately and eliminates time consuming manipulation of multiple valves. Open the single handle on the automatic valve until the desired temperature shows on the thermometer. The water will remain at that temperature mix after mix regardless of temperature or pressure variations in the water being blended.

Construction: Basic meter equipped with non-corrosive bronze parts and built to our specifications by world's largest manufacturer of water meters.
Sanitation: All working parts - meter, thermometer, and operating mechanism - fully exposed for ease of cleaning and to meet sanitation requirements. No hidden, hard-to-clean areas.
  • Positive displacement - for exact measurement.
    Only one working part in measuring chamber for long life, simplicity of operation, and sustained accuracy.
  • All rust-proof construction - non-corrosive bronze parts with composition rubber disc and ball.
  • Built-in thermometer.
  • Equipped for single faucet draw-off - one outlet independent of meter, for temperature stabilization.
Mixing Valve: Completely automatic thermostatic mixing valve controls water temperature to within plus or minus 1/2 F. despite temperature and pressure changes in city or chilled water lines.
Filter: Valve equipped with bronze strainers which eliminate scale and other sediment. Easily removed for cleaning.
Capacity: Weighs up to 9.999 pounds - dial numbered to individual pounds. Meter available to measure kilograms, liters, gallons, if desired.
Connection Requirements: Independent water line from source and 110 volt electrical outlet (60 watts).
Finish: Completely assembled, ready for connections and wall mounting. Natural unpainted finish.
Size: Overall, including inlet and outlet, 24" wide x 12" high x 10" deep. Provided with two mounting bolt holes for easy mounting. Overall width with blending valve, 35".
Weight: Shipping weight: 85 pounds.
Model Maximum
Voltage Water
D-150 150 Lbs./Min. 1 ph 110V 1" 20"x8"x9"
D-300 300 Lbs./Min. 1 ph 110V 1-1/4" 24"x10"x12"
Larger Meters Available