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Model SDWM Water Meter

Model SDWM Water Meter - CMC America, Superior Performance by Design.

In the food production industry, measuring water is a most important phase of production. That's why today's quality conscious operators look to Simplex Water Meter for trouble free measurement.

CMC America's latest model features a redesigned digital readout making operation even easier. Simply squeeze the filler head and let the meter run. The digital face lets you know how much water is being delivered. When you have received your desired amount of water, just release the lever.

With the optional Thermostatic Mixing Valve, you can regulate water accuracy. An easy setting gives you the water you want at the temperature you need. No wait. No waste.

The Simplex unit is accurate to within 1/10 of a pound and delivers up to 1000 pounds. Designed for today's cost minded operators, the Simplex unit is yet another proven performer from CMC - maker of the finest in food service equipment since 1888.

Construction: The basic meter is equipped with non-corrosive bronze parts and comes complete with an aluminum enclosure mounting bracket and an 8 ft. stainless steel flexible hose with a chrome plated filler head. 
Sanitation: All working parts of the meter are completely enclosed in rustless aluminum mounting - removable for inspection and maintenance.
Positive displacement - for exact measurement.
Geared accuracy adjustment - no by pass arrangement needed.
Laminated fibre piston - not subject to breakage.
Only one working part in the chamber insures long life, simplicity of operation, and sustained    performance.
All rustless construction - non-corrosive bronze parts.
Inlet: 3/4" NPT water line (two 3/4" lines - hot and cold - if thermostatic valve is included).
Flow Rate: 3 gallons per minute minimum, 30 gallons per minute maximum.
Mixing Valve: Completely automatic Thermostatic Mixing Valve which controls water to within plus or minus 1/2 F. This valve comes with a thermometer and necessary pipe fittings. The Thermostatic Mixing Valve and fittings are sold as an option to the Simplex Meter.
Output Temperatures Available: 40 - 90 F, 65 - 115 F, 85 - 160 F.
Capacity: The extreme right digit measures water in 1/10 lbs. amounts. Other digits register full pounds. The entire meter can read up to 1000 lbs.
Dimensions: Overall - 12" wide x 16" high x 7" deep. Add 10" to the width if the valve is included. The Simplex is provided with bolt holes for easy wall mounting.
Shipping weight: 55 lbs.